Kamikaze Game Pack

Kamikaze Game Pack

Kamikaze game pack features the two peculiar simulation games based on the historical facts of World War Second. Imperial Japanese Navy produced many suicide weapons. Kamikaze bombers are well-known, but there were more horrible weapons called Ohka and Fukuryu. These games will let you know how much these suicide weapons were bad.

1. Ohka, Kamikaze attack plane, Baka
You are the pilot of Ohka, and the your primary objective is crushing into the enemy ship. However, your Ohka is carried underneath a Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" and thus your control is extremely limitted.

2. Fukuryu, the suicide diver
You are the raw recruit of Fukuryu divers. Until the day of your last battle, you must train yourself as much as possible. The enemies are not only US forces but also the several accidents and your trainer. They would kill you if you would not have enough skill, strength and luck.

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